8" X 5/8 Arbor Mill Treated Airway Buffing Wheel

The 8" Mill treat BUFF KIT comes with two 4" buff flanges

PINK:Medium Stiff cotton buff for a heavy / medium cut. Recommended to be used with our Marpol C106 heavy cut compound or your favorite heavy/medium cut rouge bar.

GREEN:  Flexible soft cotton buff for a medium / finish cut. Can be used with our Marpol VOLAX-CHROME rouge, or use with your favorite medium cut rouge bar.

WHITE: Untreated super soft buff for a final cut / mirror finish. Use this wheel with our MX5 white compound or your favorite white rouge.

BUFF KIT:Our Buff kit contains 1 each of PINK, GREEN and WHITE buffs with our PINK C106, GREEN VOLAX-CHROME and WHITE MX5 compound

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