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3 inch X 70 FT Woodworking Drum Sander Roll

3" x 70 Ft Drum Sanding Roll. Quality aluminum oxide (A/O) X-wgt cloth. Our 3" drum sander rolls are presicely cut in70 Ft rolls to save you big when cutting your own drum sanding strips. Fits Performax Jet 10-20 (12 wraps/roll) 16-32 (9 wraps/roll), 22-44 (6 wraps/roll), 25-2(6 wraps/roll, 37" (4 wraps/roll), Ryobi WDS1600 (9 wraps/roll), and woodtek 25-2 (6 wraps/roll) drum sanders. Just measure an old strip to cut to length and taper the ends. Precisely cut in your USA plant