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Non Woven Polishing/Buffing Belts 2-pk

Have confidence in your project materials with our Knife Maker’s Nonwoven Polishing / Buffing Belts. These are a cost-effective alternative to leather honing belts with less tendency to stretch over time. The belts contain zero abrasive grain and are effective for cleanup of low carbon steel or non-ferrous metals. Belts includes white and green buffing compound to achieve the desired finish on knife steels. Add compound for sharpening, polishing, and buffing stainless steel. Excellent for hollow or flat grind finishes. Open web material with durable cloth backing is highly flexible and absorbs polishing media well. Precision engineered bi-directional tape joint. Factory direct and hand built in the USA. Money back guarantee.

Pack includes: 2 non-abrasive polishing belts, 1 white buffing compound (2 oz.), and 1 green buffing compound (2 oz.)