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    Annual Knife Shows & Events Around The Country - Red Label Abrasives

    Quick Overview

    Knife shows across the USA are central hubs for enthusiasts, collectors, and makers to explore, share knowledge, and celebrate the art of knife making. These events range from large gatherings to more specialized events focusing on custom, tactical, and antique knives. Highlights include demonstrations, workshops, and the chance to meet and learn from renowned knife makers. Beyond the tangible aspects of the shows, a strong sense of community prevails, with opportunities for mentorship and forming lasting friendships within this unique culture.

    Knife shows and events across the USA have become key spots for fans, collectors, makers, and sellers. These gatherings can be huge, drawing thousands from all over the country, or small local get-togethers where collectors share rare and old knives. Overall, knife shows are important places for sharing knowledge, showing off skills, and celebrating the craft of making and collecting different types of blades.


    Whether it's a big event like the Blade Show in Atlanta (the biggest of its type) or smaller local events that highlight certain kinds of knives, every show has something to offer, whether you're a long-time collector or just starting to get interested. In this blog, the team at Red Label Abrasives highlights some of the many annual knife shows and events around the country, many of which you won’t want to miss!

    The Significance of Knife Shows

    Knife shows play a key role in promoting skills, creativity, and learning within the knife making community. Makers get to show off their latest work, from traditional designs to cutting-edge creations, demonstrating how the craft evolves with new techniques and materials. For anyone looking to learn, knife shows are a treasure trove of knowledge, with experts sharing their skills through demonstrations and workshops.

    Beyond showcasing knives, these conventions are about bringing people together. It's this social aspect that truly defines knife shows. Collectors can meet the artisans behind their favorite pieces while newcomers can immerse themselves in the culture and pick up tips and advice from seasoned pros. For everyone involved, these gatherings reinforce a sense of belonging and shared passion for the art of knifemaking.

    Major Annual Knife Shows and Events

    Major knife shows and events draw huge crowds of enthusiasts, collectors, and craftsmen. Below is an overview of the bigger gatherings that occur across the country each year.

    Blade Show Atlanta

    The Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia, stands out as the world’s largest knife show, boasting over 900 exhibitors. This premier event, which is hosted by the editors of BLADE Magazine, is a gathering spot for the world's top exhibitors and legendary knife makers. Attendees can shop from hundreds of exhibitors and check out everything from the newest blade innovations and one-of-a-kind collector's knives to antique swords and tools and materials used in knife making.

    Education is a cornerstone of the event, with BLADE University offering different types of classes. These sessions range from casual, informative demos to intense, small-group classes led by some of the most renowned names in knifemaking.

    The show also hosts exciting competitions and demonstrations, including the following:

    • Blade Sports World Championship Cutting Competition
    • Balisong Flipping Championships
    • Knife sharpening
    • Collecting seminars
    • Self-defense classes

    Whether you're looking to improve your skills, start a collection, or simply meet other enthusiasts, the Blade Show offers something for everyone in the knife world. 

    Blade Show Texas

    Blade Show Texas, also brought to you by BLADE Magazine, is a standout event that brings together the finest in custom and production knives, Everyday Carry Gear, and cowboy artisan creations. This two-day show offers ticket holders the chance to meet hundreds of exhibitors, participate in on-floor giveaways, and learn from free demonstrations. Attendees can also look forward to a knife awards after-party, adding a celebratory vibe to the event.

    Blade Show Texas is more than a knife show, however. It's also a celebration of Texas culture, history, and entertainment, making it a unique experience that goes beyond the typical event. Visitors can immerse themselves in everything that makes Texas remarkable, all while enjoying one of the most significant knife shows around. 

    Blade Show West

    Blade Show West, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a premier event for anyone interested in knives. Here, attendees have the opportunity to browse through aisles filled with rare, unique, and custom blades from some of the most respected knife makers and companies around the globe. It's also a chance to find and buy those hard-to-find blades, along with unique accessories and more.

    Whether you're in the market for everyday carry items, gear, specialty hunting knives, top-notch kitchen knives, or intricately designed collector's pieces, this show has it all. It also offers seminars and competitions, making it a dynamic event for learning and entertainment. 

    The New York Custom Knife Show

    Produced by Fifty Fifty Productions, the New York Custom Knife Show takes place every year in Jersey City, New Jersey. This event is all about custom knives, showcasing work from both well-known and up-and-coming knife makers. It's a great place for anyone interested in seeing the variety and creativity in custom knife making. 

    Attendees get to see a wide range of custom knives, from practical tools to beautiful art pieces. The show also provides a platform for makers to display their work, connect with other knife enthusiasts, and sell their creations. It's a focused event that celebrates the skill and artistry behind custom knife making.

    The California Custom Knife Show

    The California Custom Knife Show, held in Anaheim, California, spotlight the exceptional craftsmanship of custom knife makers, especially those from the Western United States. This event gathers a diverse group of artisans who share their passion for knife making with attendees. From rugged outdoor knives to finely detailed art pieces, the variety on display covers the full spectrum of custom knife making. 

    This show is an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts and collectors to meet the makers behind the knives, learn about their techniques, and purchase unique knives they won’t find anywhere else. It offers a welcoming environment to explore, learn, and connect with the knife-making community.

    SHOT Show

    The SHOT Show, hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a massive event in the outdoor, shooting sports, and law enforcement industries. While it's not solely focused on knives, it features a substantial knife component that appeals to a wide audience. This part of the show highlights the latest in tactical, outdoor, and culinary knives, offering something for everyone from professionals to enthusiasts. 

    Attendees can explore booths from top brands and makers showcasing everything from rugged survival knives to finely crafted kitchen knives. It's a unique opportunity to see a broad range of blade types all in one place, learn about the newest innovations in the field, and even purchase items to add to their collections. The SHOT Show is a must-visit for anyone interested in the cutting edge of knife design and technology within the larger context of outdoor and tactical gear.

    Specialty Shows

    Many knife shows cater to geographic regions and specific interests within the knife community. These regional and specialty shows offer attendees a chance to explore a wide range of knives, learn from experts in the field, and connect with others who share their passion. They also cater to niche interests within the broader knife community, providing platforms for enthusiasts with specific preferences. 

    Pacific Northwest Knife Show

    The Pacific Northwest Knife Show takes place in various locations across the Pacific Northwest. This show is renowned for highlighting the craftsmanship of local knife makers and showcasing a wide array of styles from these areas. Attendees can expect to see a variety of blades, from functional outdoor knives perfect for the rugged landscapes of the Pacific Northwest to finely crafted pieces that are as much art as they are tools.

    What sets the Pacific Northwest Knife Show apart is its focus on the regional identity of knife making. Presentations focus on the techniques, materials, and traditions that are specific to this part of the country. It's also an opportunity for enthusiasts and collectors to meet the makers face-to-face, learn about their processes, and perhaps take home a piece that carries the essence of the Pacific Northwest. 

    USN Gathering (Usual Suspect Network)

    The USN Gathering, hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a standout event tailored for members of the Usual Suspect Network. This gathering zeroes in on tactical and custom knives, making it a prime destination for enthusiasts and collectors who favor these specific types of blades. 

    What makes the USN Gathering special is its community atmosphere. Members come together to share their passion for knives, learn about new trends, and discover the latest innovations from some of the most talented makers in the field. It's an ideal place for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of tactical and custom knives and engage directly with creators and other like-minded individuals.

    The Art Knife Invitational (AKI)

    The Art Knife Invitational (AKI) is held at various locations across the USA. It's known for its exclusivity because it showcases professional knife makers by invitation only. This selective approach ensures that each piece displayed is of exceptional quality and represents the pinnacle of knife-making as an art form. For collectors, the AKI is an opportunity to add truly unique pieces to their collections- items that are often the result of years of refinement and mastery in knife-making.

    Tactical Knife Invitational

    The Tactical Knife Invitational, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a prominent event that coincides with the USN Gathering. This specialized invitational zeros in on tactical knives, showcasing the latest and most innovative designs from some of the top makers in the field. The focus here is on knives designed for practical and tactical use. The show therefore caters to professionals in law enforcement, military, and outdoor adventure roles, as well as to enthusiasts who appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of tactical blades.

    What to Expect at a Knife Show

    Attending a knife show is an exciting experience, filled with opportunities to explore, learn, and connect with the knife community. Here's what you can typically expect at these events:

    • Vendor Booths: Knife shows are packed with booths where vendors display a wide variety of knives, from custom-made blades to the latest in production knives. It's a chance to see and handle a diverse range of blades and accessories up close.
    • Live Demonstrations: Many shows feature live demonstrations by skilled craftsmen. These can include everything from forging and blade sharpening to intricate handle carving. Watching these experts at work offers a fascinating insight into the art of knife making.
    • Workshops and Seminars: For those looking to deepen their knowledge, workshops and seminars provide valuable learning opportunities. Topics might range from knife design and material selection to the history of knife making and practical skills like maintenance and sharpening.

    Tips for Attendees

    With so much to see and do, it's wise to plan your visit in advance. Check the event schedule for demonstrations or workshops you don't want to miss and map out which vendors you'd like to visit. If the show spans multiple days, consider which day might be the best for you to attend based on your interests.

    When talking to knife makers, don't hesitate to ask questions. Inquire about the materials used, the inspiration behind their designs, or tips for knife care and maintenance. Makers are usually happy to share their knowledge and passion with interested attendees.

    If you’re new, knife shows are excellent places to learn more about the hobby or craft of knife collecting and making. Engage with vendors and other attendees to share stories and tips. Seminars and workshops can also provide a structured way to learn about specific aspects of knife collecting or making, from starting your collection to making your first knife.

    Community and Culture

    One of the most rewarding aspects of knife shows is the mentorship and friendships that often develop within this unique community. Newcomers can find guidance and support from more experienced members, who are usually more than willing to mentor others in their craft or in the nuances of collecting. These relationships can extend beyond the shows themselves, leading to lasting friendships rooted in a shared passion for knives.

    The collaborative atmosphere of knife shows encourages people to connect on a personal level, making these events much more than just commercial gatherings. They become places where people with a common interest come together, learn from each other, and celebrate their shared enthusiasm for knife making and collecting. Whether you're there to expand your collection, learn new skills, or simply admire the craftsmanship, the community and culture at knife shows make them enriching experiences for everyone involved.

    Craft Show-Ready Knives With Red Label Abrasives

    Knife shows keep the ancient art of knife making alive and vibrant. They serve as a crucial platform for sharing knowledge, techniques, and the latest trends, all of which ensure that this craft continues to evolve and thrive. Beyond the knives themselves, these shows are about building and nurturing a community bound by a shared passion for knife making and collecting.

    For those inspired to start or continue their journey in knife making, Red Label Abrasives offers complete knife-making kits with quality abrasive materials that can help bring your visions to life. We also manufacture industrial-grade sanding belts, sanding discs, sanding sheets, and other abrasive products. If you have questions or would like to place an order, please contact us by calling 844-824-1956 or filling out our contact form today.