2 X 48 Inch Sanding Belts

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Premium-Quality 2 x 48” Sanding Belts From Red Label

2 x 48 inches is one of the most popular belt sander sizes. Red Label Abrasives produces a wide array of premium-quality 2 x 48” sanding belts, so that you can restock on all of the belts you need for your sanding applications. 

Types Of Sanding Belts Available In A 2 x 48” Size

Red Label Abrasives manufactures several different types of 2 x 48 inch sanding belts. You can read a brief description of each type of sanding belt below. Our abrasive technicians can also help you determine the best type of belt for your application. 

  • Open Coat Aluminum Oxide: Open coat aluminum oxide leaves more space in-between the aluminum oxide grains to allow for greater air flow. The additional space keeps sanding surfaces cool and helps to prevent clogging. Open coat aluminum oxide sanding belts are designed for softer materials like soft woods. 
  • Closed Coat Aluminum Oxide: Closed coat aluminum oxide offers more abrasive grain coverage than open coat aluminum oxide, which provides a more aggressive cut. Closed coat aluminum oxide is designed to sand harder materials like hardwoods and metals. 
  • Zirconia: Zirconia is a good mid-tier abrasive grain. It’s not as strong as ceramic, but it is stronger and longer-lasting than aluminum oxide. Zirconia strikes a nice balance between performance and affordability. It works best on harder materials like hardwoods and metals. 
  • Ceramic: Ceramic is one of the strongest abrasive grains in existence. It works well for sanding harder materials like hardwoods and metals. Ceramic sanding belts do cost more than zirconia and aluminum oxide sanding belts, but you end up saving money in the long run, because ceramic belts last significantly longer than both aluminum oxide and zirconia sanding belts. 
  • Silicon Carbide: Silicon carbide is a specialty abrasive grain. What silicon carbide lacks in longevity it makes up for in consistency. Silicon carbide sanding belts are known for producing a smooth, consistent cut. Silicon carbide belts also do not produce excessive heat during use and are therefore preferred for heat sensitive materials like glass, marble, and garnet. 
  • Flexible sanding belts: Flexible sanding belts are made with a flexible cloth backing that allows the belt edges to curve with pressure. The ability to flex makes flexible belts perfect for sanding curved edges and round surfaces. The belt will curve to match the surface, so that you end up with a smooth, uniform finish.  
  • Non Woven Polishing/Buffing: Non woven polishing and buffing belts are produced with an open web material that can easily hone, buff, sharpen, and polish metal. These belts are a cost effective alternative to using leather strop belts. 

Common 2 x 48 Inch Belt Sanders

2 x 48 inch belt grinders are often used as a more affordable alternative to 2 x 72 inch belt grinders. The more compact size of 2 x 48 inch belt sanders also allows them to fit into smaller shops with ease. Below are a few common 2 x 48 inch belt sanders that our sanding belts are used on: 

  • Kalamazoo 2 x 48 Inch Belt Sander
  • PRM 2 x 48 Inch Belt Sander
  • Palmgren 2 x 48 Inch Belt Grinder
  • Burr King 2 x 48 Inch Belt Grinder
  • JET 9 Inch Disc Grinder & 2 x 48 Inch Belt Sander
  • JET 8 Inch Disc Grinder & 2 x 48 Inch Belt Sander
  • Grizzly 2 x 48 Inch 2 Wheel Belt Grinder

Of course, our 2 x 48 inch sanding belts are designed to work with any 2 x 48 inch belt sander. Our belts will still work with your sander even if it’s not listed above. Not sure if your sander is a 2  x 48 inch sander? We have a post on how to measure to find the sanding belts you’ll need. Our abrasive technicians can also assist you in trying to determine what size belts your sander uses. 

Why Choose Red Label For 2 x 48” Sanding Belts?

Red Label Abrasives has become a brand name that’s almost synonymous with sanding belts. We’ve been producing industry leading sanding belts for over 35 years. All of our sanding belts are produced in the United States and are either made-to-order or limited stock (meaning you get fresh belts delivered to your door). Red Label offers industrial grade belts at some of the most affordable prices on the web. We also provide free shipping on all US orders to save you even more money. 

Our products and prices have earned us customers, but our service has kept makers coming back for decades. We take great pride in offering unrivaled customer service and support as a family-owned business. You’ll never have an issue reaching one of our abrasive technicians for help. Experience the Red Label difference for yourself and give us a try. We’re so confident you’ll enjoy our sanding belts that we offer a 100% 90 day money back guarantee. 

Questions? Ask An Abrasive Technician

Red Label’s abrasive technicians are here to serve you. We can answer any questions you may have about our 2 x 48 inch sanding belts. We can also help you determine which belts will be best for your application. You can speak with one of our abrasive technicians by calling 844-824-1956, or filling out a contact form.