Buffing Wheels

High-Quality Buffing Wheels From Red Label Abrasives

Red Label Abrasives is known for carrying high-quality abrasives. We sell a wide range of products to assist you throughout the entire production process for your workpieces - including the finishing and polishing process. Our cotton buffing wheels can help you polish your piece to perfection. 

What Is A Buffing Wheel?

Buffing wheels are abrasive wheels used for buffing and polishing metals and other surfaces. Buffing wheels are used in combination with buffing compounds, which Red Label Abrasives also sells. The buffing compounds provide lubrication and abrasive grains that help smooth and polish a surface. Compound needs to be applied frequently while using a buffing wheel. Light pressure and the motion of the buffing wheel provide enough friction for the abrasive grains to smooth the surface. 

Types Of Buffing Wheels

The best type of buffing wheel for your application will depend on the type of surface you are polishing and the stage of polishing you are at. Firmer wheels work better for getting out deep scratches, while softer buffing wheels are better for giving a surface a final smooth finish. 

Buffing wheels may come in a variety of fabrics or materials. All of our buffing wheels are made of cotton. Red Label offers three different types of cotton buffing wheels: spiral sewn, loose, and airway buffing wheels. 

Spiral Sewn Buffing Wheels

Spiral sewn buffing wheels are made of soft cotton sewn in a spiral to create a firmer wheel. This firmer wheel enables you to put more pressure on the surface you are polishing, which can help get deeper scratches out of the surface. Keep in mind that the more layers of stitching a wheel has, the firmer it will be. 

Loose Buffing Wheels

Loose buffing wheels are similar to sewn buffing wheels in that they are made of the same material, but they lack the spiral stitching that makes sewn buffing wheels stiff. This lack of stitching makes loose buffing wheels very soft and flexible. These buffing wheels are ideal to use for the final stage of polishing.

Treated Airway Buffing Wheels

Airway buffing wheels have fabric attached in such a way that pleats are formed in the fabric. This allows for more airflow through the fabric, keeping it cooler when friction is created during polishing and protecting the wheel from wear and tear. Some of these wheels are treated to make the fabric stiffer. The stiffer the fabric of the wheel, the rougher the cut will be on the surface you are polishing. Conversely, a more flexible airway wheel will be softer and will provide a finer polish. Red Label offers three different types of airway buffing wheels. Our white wheel is untreated and is very soft. Our green wheel is flexible and can provide a medium cut. Our pink wheel is stiff and can be used for heavy cutting. 

How Do You Use A Buffing Wheel?

A buffing wheel must be used with a power tool, such as a bench grinder or a drill. This will be used to turn the wheel. Once the wheel is attached to the tool, a compound will be applied. Generally you will use a more aggressive compound with a firmer wheel, and a less aggressive compound with a softer wheel. 

You should use only one type of compound per wheel. This will prevent your compounds from mixing together on the same wheel. Apply your compound by spinning the wheel and lightly applying a thin layer of compound. Then you can use the wheel to polish your surface, reapplying your compound often as needed. 

Why Choose Red Label Abrasives For Buffing Wheels? 

At Red Label Abrasives, we are a family-owned business with over 35 years of experience creating the highest quality abrasives and accessories. We are passionate about providing excellent abrasive products at affordable prices with exceptional customer service. 

We’re one of the only abrasive manufacturers to offer free shipping on all U.S. orders and a 100% money back guarantee on our products. Our abrasive technicians are also always available during business hours to support you. We can answer any question you may have, or help you place an order.

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