Ceramic Sanding Belts

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Premium Ceramic Sanding Belts From Red Label Abrasives

If you’re looking for a high-performance sanding belt to take your sanding to the next level, you’re looking at the right collection. Ceramic sanding belts are some of the best belts money can buy. An increasingly large number of makers continue to switch from aluminum oxide or zirconia sanding belts over to ceramic sanding belts. You can read more about the benefits of choosing ceramic below. 

Why Use Ceramic Sanding Belts? 

Ceramic is currently one of the strongest abrasive grains on the market and it’s considered a premium abrasive grain for this reason. Ceramic is extremely hard and extremely sharp. These properties allow you to significantly reduce your sanding time with an aggressive cut rate for metals and hard woods. 

In terms of lifespan, ceramic grains also have the longest lifespan over other common abrasive grains. Ceramic sanding belts can last up to three times longer than zirconia sanding belts and up to five times longer than aluminum oxide sanding belts. Even though ceramic has a higher price point, you’ll find that you’ll save money in the long run from having to buy sanding belts less frequently. 

Not sure if ceramic would be the right abrasive grain for your needs? Our abrasive technicians can help you determine the best type of belt for your use case.

Ceramic Vs. EdgeCore Ceramic Sanding Belts

Basic ceramic belts are high-performing belts on their own. However, Red Label has taken all of the great properties ceramic belts provide and kicked them up a notch with our signatureEdgeCore ceramic sanding belts. Thanks to advances in abrasive technology, we’ve been able to produce a ceramic belt that delivers cooler grinding temperatures, maximum cut rate, and even longer belt life. 

EdgeCore belts contain an additional stearate layer that normal ceramic belts don’t have. This stearate layer produces non-stick effects, which reduces belt clogging. Less dust accumulation reduces heat build-up and helps to provide a smoother finish. Our EdgeCore ceramic belts microfracture during use to continually reveal fresh abrasive grain for maximum cutting. Our EdgeCore belts are ideal for high pressure grinding of hard materials. 

Why Choose Red Label Abrasives For Your Ceramic Sanding Belts? 

Red Label Abrasives has long been considered an industry leader in sanding belt production. We’ve been producing sanding belts for over 35 years. All of our sanding belts are produced in  the United States in our Michigan factory. Our belts are also either made to order or limited stock to ensure you’re always receiving belts with fresh joints. 

When it comes to buying ceramic sanding belts, Red Label is the only manufacturer that produces EdgeCore ceramic sanding belts. If you’re buying ceramic belts, you’ll want EdgeCore belts (trust us). If you don’t believe us, just askJason Knight or the thousands of other makers across the country that choose EdgeCore. Red Label is also the only manufacturer that offers ceramic belts as high as 400 grit. This means you’ll also be able to save even more time and money sharpening and polishing with ceramic in higher grits. 

We also strive to provide unrivaled customer service and support in addition to exceptional product quality. Our abrasive technicians are here to serve you. 

Questions? Contact Our Abrasive Technicians

Have questions about our ceramic sanding belts? Not sure which belt to choose? Our abrasive technicians can answer any questions you may have and match you up with the best belt for your application. You can speak with a Red Label abrasive technician by filling out acontact form, or calling 844-824-1956.