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Premium Quality Automotive Sanding Discs

Red Label Abrasives produces a variety of industrial-grade sanding discs for car and auto body sanding work. Our sanding discs are some of the most effective and long-lasting discs on the market. 

What Kind Of Sanding Discs Do I Need For Auto Body Work?

Auto body work consists of working on harder materials such as steel, iron, aluminum, and titanium. Not all sanding disc grains can sand these materials effectively. Typically, car sanding discs are manufactured using closed coat aluminum oxide. The closed coating prevents debris from getting stuck in-between the abrasive grains. The higher grit-to-surface ratio also allows for aggressive cutting and smoother finishes. 

In addition to grit type, size is also an important factor. Most automotive disc sanders use 5 or 6 inch discs. If you have an old sanding disc on hand, you can measure the diameter of the old disc to make sure you’re purchasing the right size for your sander. If you don’t have an old disc and the tool instructions don’t specify, you can speak with our abrasive specialists and we may be able to help you pinpoint the correct size for your tool. 

What Are Automotive Sanding Discs Used For? 

Sanding discs have many uses in the automotive industry. Auto sanding discs are commonly used for removing rust, removing paint, shaping, finishing, and polishing metal. Our Abrasilk sanding discs are specifically designed for automotive paint finishing. Car sanding discs can also be used for headlight restoration. Our premium-quality auto sanding discs are up for the task, no matter the job. 

Why Buy Car Sanding Discs From Red Label Abrasives?

Red Label Abrasives has been an industry leader in abrasive production for over 35 years. We’ve refined and perfected our manufacturing processes over the years to produce some of the highest quality, industrial-grade sanding discs on the market. As a manufacturer, we’re able to offer our premium sanding automotive sanding discs at affordable prices, so that you receive the best value for your money. 

In addition to offering unrivaled product quality, Red Label Abrasives also offers unmatched customer service and support. We provide a 100% money back guarantee on all orders to ensure your satisfaction. Our abrasive technicians are also always willing to help answer questions you may have about our products or your orders. As a family-owned American business, we take great pride in the quality of service we offer our customers. 

Does Red Label Carry Other Forms Of Sandpaper For Cars

In addition to sanding discs, Red Label Abrasives manufactures a wide range of additional sanding products commonly used for automotive sanding. We sell ¾ x 20½  and ½ x 18 zirconia sanding belts for air filers. We also sellwaterproof sanding sheets for precision hand sanding.

Need Help? Speak To An Abrasive Specialist

Our abrasive technicians are here to assist you. We can answer any questions you may have about our automotive sanding discs and help you find the right sanding disc for your needs. You can speak with an abrasive specialist by calling 844-824-1956, or filling out an online contact form