5 Inch Sanding Discs

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Premium Quality 5 Inch Sanding Discs From Red Label Abrasives

5” diameter disc sanders are some of the most common disc sanders on the market. Red Label can help you restock on 5” sanding discs for your sander with high-quality industrial grade sanding discs. Ready to take your sanding to the next level? Give our 5” sanding discs a try. We offer a 90 day 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our discs. 

Types Of 5 Inch Sanding Discs We Sell

Red Label Abrasives produces a variety of different 5” sanding discs. We’ve briefly outlined the different types of 5 inch sanding discs we sell below. 

  • Hook & Loop: Hook and loop sanding discs may also be referred to as velcro sanding discs. Velcro is a brand of hook and loop system, but all hook and loop systems work in about the same way. Hook and loop discs are slightly more expensive than adhesive discs, but it is easy to swap them out to change grits in a sanding sequence. 
  • Adhesive (PSA): Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA for short) discs have an adhesive backing that allows the disc to stick to the sander. Adhesive discs cost less than hook and loop discs, but adhesive discs cannot be reused. Once the disc is removed from the sander, the adhesive will no longer adhere to surfaces and can’t be re-applied to the sander. If you plan to only use one grit, you can save money with PSA discs. If you plan to swap grits, you might be better off choosing hook and loop discs. 
  • Waterproof Film: Film discs contain a plastic film backing that prevents the disc from being ruined by water. Our waterproof film discs can be used for any wet sanding application and are commonly used for automotive applications with wet finishing. 

  • It’s important to note the type of disc sander you currently have. Your sander is designed out of the box to either support hook and loop discs or adhesive discs, but not both. You can buy converter pads to allow a hook and loop sander to use adhesive discs and vice versa. 

    What Abrasive Grain Should You Be Looking For? 

    Red Label Abrasives offers 5” sanding discs with three different types of abrasive grains: aluminum oxide, zirconia, and silicon carbide. 

    • Aluminum oxide: Aluminum oxide is one of the most popular abrasive grains, especially for woodworking. Aluminum oxide isn’t the strongest abrasive grain and will have a shorter lifespan if you’re sanding harder materials like metal.
    • Zirconia: Zirconia is a stronger abrasive grain compared to aluminum oxide and is designed for sanding hardwoods and metals. If you’re sanding harder materials, you can save money in the long run with zirconia sanding discs, because they’ll last longer. 
    • Silicon Carbide: Silicon carbide is a specialty abrasive that works well for very specific uses. Silicon carbide sanding discs are often used for sanding materials like glass, plastic, fiberglass, marble, tile, and leather. 

    If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of abrasive grains, we offer a more detailed breakdown in ourAbrasive 101 guide. Our abrasive technicians can also help you determine which grain would be best for your specific application. 

    How Do I Know If My Sander Uses 5” Sanding Discs?

    The easiest way to tell what size sanding discs your orbital sander uses is to measure an old disc if you have one laying around. You’ll want to measure the diameter of the disc to determine whether or not it’s 5”. If you don’t have an old disc available, you can also measure the diameter of the disc pad on the sander itself. 

    Why Choose Red Label For Your 5” Sanding Discs?

    Red Label Abrasives is widely regarded as a leader in the abrasive manufacturing industry. Our industrial grade 5” sanding discs are some of the most effective and longest-lasting abrasives on the market. We’ve been producing sanding discs for over 35 years and all of our sanding discs are manufactured here in the United States. As the manufacturer, we’re able to offer our premium quality abrasives at an affordable price shipping factory direct. 

    When you buy from Red Label, you’re not just getting a high-quality product. You’re also getting an unrivaled level of support and assistance from our abrasive technicians that only a family-owned company could provide. Our abrasive technicians can help you find the right sanding disc for your needs, help you with order, and help you troubleshoot a kink in your sanding process. 

    Questions? Contact Our Abrasive Specialists

    Our Abrasive technicians are here to serve you. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about our 5” sanding discs, or you’re not sure which sanding disc will be best for you. You can speak with an abrasive technician by filling out acontact form, or calling 844-824-1956.