Floor Sanding Belts & Rolls

High-Quality Floor Sanding Belts & Rolls From Red Label Abrasives

Extend the life of wood floors and enhance their appearance with the help of high-quality floor sanding belts and rolls from Red Label Abrasives. We produce floor sanding abrasives that can fit any common floor sander. Our floor sanding abrasives are available in a number of different grits for both pre-finish and finish floor sanding. Remove wood stock, polish, or stains with durable, long-lasting abrasives. Not seeing the size you need? We can custom manufacture sanding belts or rolls for you!

Why Use Zirconia Abrasives For Floor Sanding? 

If you’ve shopped for abrasives in any capacity before, you’ve probably noticed that you can buy abrasives produced with several different types of abrasive grains. Red Label sells sanding belts and rolls in four different types of abrasive grains: aluminum oxide, zirconia, ceramic, and silicon carbide. 

Despite having these different grains available, we exclusively recommend zirconia for floor sanding. Floor sanding can take a significant amount of time, especially when floors have sustained years of hard use. Zirconia is one of the strongest abrasive grains available on the market with one of the highest cut rates. Zirconia sanding belts and sanding rolls can save you both time and money for floor sanding. You’ll spend less time sanding with a higher cut rate and you’ll also need to purchase abrasives less frequently with zirconia’s longer lifespan over grains like aluminum oxide. 

You may be wondering why we don’t recommend ceramic as the strongest abrasive grain available on the market. We find that ceramic tends to be overkill in most wood floor sanding projects. Ceramic also costs more than zirconia. You’ll get the best bang for your buck for floor sanding with zirconia abrasives. Zirconia will make quick work of the old, crusty debris and stains caked onto your hardwood floors. 

Floor Belt Sander Size Guide

Not sure which size belt you need for your floor sander? We’ve put together a size guide for some of the most popular belt floor sanding machines. Not seeing your floor belt sander on the list? You can contact our abrasive technicians for help determining which size belts you need for your sander. The owner’s manual of the machine should also specify belt size if you still have the manual for your sander. 

Brand & Model

Belt Size

American Sanders Floorcrafter

7 7/8" x 29 1/2"

American Sanders Legend

7 7/8" x 29 1/2"

Lagler Hummel

7 7/8" x 29 1/2"

Clarke Classic 8

7 7/8" x 29 1/2"

Apollo 8

7 7/8" x 29 1/2"

Galaxy 2000

7 7/8" x 29 1/2"

Galaxy Seirios

7 7/8" x 29 1/2"

Galaxy Omega

7 7/8" x 29 1/2"

American Sanders EZ-8 Drum Sander

8” x 19”

Bona Belt 10

9 7/8" x 29 1/2"

Lagler Superhummel

11 7/8" x 31 1/2"

Galaxy BD 12

11 7/8" x 31 1/2"


Why Buy Floor Sanding Paper From Red Label?

Red Label Abrasives has been manufacturing premium quality industrial grade floor sanding paper for over 35 years. All of our floor sanding belts and sanding rolls are proudly American-made and produced in our Belding, MI factory. Over the years Red Label has developed a reputation for manufacturing high-quality abrasives at affordable prices. Our hardwood floor sanding supplies are shipped factory direct with free shipping on all orders. We also offer a 90 day 100% money back guarantee, because your satisfaction is our top priority. 

A great product isn’t the only thing that keeps Red Label customers coming back. We strive to offer unrivaled customer service and support. You’ll have no problem reaching a member of our team with questions about our products or your order. 

Questions? Contact Our Abrasive Specialists

Have questions about our floor sanding abrasives? Not sure which belt or roll you need for your floor sander? Our abrasive technicians are here to serve you! You can speak with an abrasive technician by calling 844-824-1956, or filling out an online contact form.