2 X 42 Inch Flexible Metalworking Sanding Belts, 6 Pack

Our closed coat aluminum oxide sanding belts are designed specifically for use on metal. This industrial grade material features a load and heat reducing top coat, making it excellent for knife making and other metalworking applications. The flex J-weight backing can handle spritzing but is not fully waterproof. Our flex sanding belts are hand built in the USA.

2x42" Flexible Aluminum Oxide Metal Sanding Belt Product Details

Pack Quantity: 6

Available Grits: 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500

Weight: J-weight

Backing Material: Polyester/cotton blend

Waterproof: Semi

Applications: Ideal for use on stainless steel, high and low carbon steel, nonferrous metals (aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel, etc.), hardwood and solid surface

Closed Coat: 100% abrasive grain coverage

Joint: Bi-directional tape joint allows belt to run in EITHER direction (disregard arrows)

Grinding Aid: Load and heat reducing top coat

Bonding: Resin over resin

What Is A Flexible Sanding Belt & What Are The Benefits Of Using One?

As the name implies, flexible sanding belts are flexible and can curve with the workpiece. For this reason, flexible sanding belts are commonly used to sand circular edges, angles, and round surfaces. Flexible sanding belts are often used to sand things like crankshafts or knife handles. Any piece with uneven surfaces could likely benefit from the use of a flexible belt. The curve a flex belt allows provides for an even finish on uneven surfaces. 

These particular belts are J-weight belts. Abrasives are categorized from A to Y based on weight and flexibility. A-weight belts are the most flexible belts while Y-weight belts are the least flexible. J-weight belts offer the perfect balance between flexibility and a sturdy weight. The J label comes from jeans, because the cloth used for J-weight belts is durable and flexible just like jean fabric.

Why Choose Closed Coat Aluminum Oxide?

Aluminum oxide belts are available in two different coats: closed and open. Open coat sanding belts have less abrasive grain coverage on the surface, which allows residue to fall off the belt. Open coat aluminum oxide works well with softer materials (typically soft woods) where more residue is produced in sanding. Closed coat sanding belts offer 100% abrasive grain coverage, which is great for harder materials like steel, copper, titanium, nickel, and more. These belts are labeled metal working sanding belts, because closed coat aluminum oxide does an excellent job grinding and finishing metal.

Why Buy 2” x 42” Flexible Aluminum Oxide Metal Sanding Belts From Red Label Abrasives?

There’s a reason hundreds of makers have selected Red Label as their abrasive brand of choice. Red Label Abrasives has been producing affordable industrial-grade abrasives for over 35 years. We’ve carved out a name for ourselves in the abrasive industry by producing high quality, long-lasting belts that won’t break the bank. 

When you order 2x42 inch flexible aluminum oxide metal sanding belts from Red Label Abrasives, the belts you receive will either have been made specifically for your order or from a limited stock. This means the belts you receive will be fresh with a strong joint. We don’t ship belts that have been sitting on a rack for months. 

The Red Label team is also here for you after your purchase. If you have any questions after using the belts, you can always turn to our abrasive technicians for support.

Questions? Speak To A Red Label Abrasive Technician

The abrasive technicians at Red Label are here to answer any questions you may have about our flex belts or your application. If you’re not sure which belts would be best for your needs, we can point you in the right direction. You can speak with an abrasive technician by calling 844-824-1956 or filling out a contact form.



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