2 X 60 Inch Knife Makers Sanding Belts Assortment

2x60 Inch Knife Makers Sanding Belts Kit Assortments

EdgeCore Ceramic Coarse Grits: 3 each of P36 and P60 and 4 each of P120 for a total of 10 belts

EdgeCore Ceramic Crs/Med Grits: 2 each of P36 and P60 and 3 each of P120 and P240 (Flex Ceramic) for a total of 10 belts

Zirconia Coarse Grits: 1 each of P36, P40, P60, P80, P120 (Zirconia) and P150 (A/O) for a total of 6 belts

Flexible Ceramic Grits: 1 each of P180, P240, P320 & P400 grits for a total of 4 belts

Fine Grits: 1 each of P180, P220, P320, P400, P600 and P800 (A/O) for a total of 6 belts

Ultra Fine Grits: 1 each of P1000, P1200, P1500 & P5000 grits for a total of 4 belts

Knife grinding and sharpening kits built specifically for knife makers! These kits are a great way to decide which grit progression works for you before committing to larger quantities. Choose from 4 assorted packs:

  • Choose Red Label EdgeCore ceramic for the ultimate in grinding technology & increased belt longevity.
  • Choose Zirconia coarse grits for a long lasting grinds that won't break the bank.
  • Choose Flexible Ceramic Grits for the longest lasting fine grit grinds on a flex backing.
  • Choose fine grits for honing and sharpening.
  • Choose ultra fine grits for final sharpening and polishing.

Our industrial quality sanding belts are perfect for non ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) and ferrous metals (steel, stainless steel, pig iron, alloys, hardened steel, etc.). The sandpaper belts are also great for dense and hard woods. Use the sandpaper belts for stock removal, grinding of welds, shaping, cutting, sharpening, honing and blending metals. Resin over resin bonding. Our precision engineered bi-directional tape joints allow belts to RUN IN EITHER DIRECTION (disregarding arrows on backing). Anti-clogging stearate delivers an even finish and cooler grinding temperatures. You'll have a hard time finding better knifemaking sandpaper. Factory direct and built in USA by Red Label Abrasives. Money back guarantee.

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