22 3/8 x 47 1/2 Inch Replacement Conveyor Sanding Feed Belt

These heavy duty sanding belts are designed to replace your worn out drum sander conveyor feed belt! The belts are manufactured with a premium aluminum oxide abrasive grain and a cloth backing. All of our belts are built with an ultra strong bi-directional, no bump tape joint. The joint is guaranteed not to stretch or break and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our belts. 

22⅜ X 47½” Conveyor Sanding Feed Belt Product Details 

Backing Material: Polyester 

Waterproof: Yes

Applications: Stock removal and finishing of wood.

Open Coat

Joint: Bi-directional tape joint allows belt to run in EITHER direction (disregard arrows) 

Grinding Aid: Anti-loading and heat reducing stearate coating for cooler grinding 

Bonding: Resin over resin

What Machines Do These Replacement Belts Work With?

These 22⅜ x 47½ inch sanding belts are designed to be used as replacements for conveyor feed belts for drum sanders. The most common drum sander this belt is compatible with would be the JET 22-44 PLUS drum sander, but they’ll work with any machine that uses 22⅜” x 47½” sanding belts. 

If you’re unsure what belt size you need for your drum sander, you can use our replacement guide below. We also have a blog post dedicated to figuring out what belt size your machine uses



Drum Sander Model

10 1/4 Inch

32 5/8 Inch

JET 10-20

18 Inch

44 1/2 Inch

Grizzly G0458

18 Inch

47 1/2 Inch

Delta 18-36

22 3/8 Inch

47 1/2 Inch

JET 22-44 PLUS

23 Inch

62 Inch

JET Performax 22-44 PRO, ShopPro 25, Supermax 25

23 Inch

67 1/2 Inch

SuperMax 25x2

35 Inch

67 1/2 Inch

Supermax 37 & 37x2

Why Choose Red Label For Your 22⅜ X 47½ Inch Sanding Feed Belts? 

Red Label Abrasives has long been considered an industry leader in the abrasive manufacturing space. We’re constantly innovating and improving our manufacturing processes and we’ve been doing so for over 35 years. Our dedication to innovation and precision manufacturing has allowed us to produce some of the highest quality sanding belts at some of the most affordable prices on the web. Our 22⅜ x 47½ inch sanding feed belts are industrial grade belts. They’ll maintain a sharp, consistent cut throughout the entire lifespan of the belt. They’re also made to order or limited stock, which means you’ll always receive fresh belts with each order. 

As a family-owned business, we hold as much pride in our customer service as we do in our product quality. We have a team of amazing abrasive technicians standing by that can offer both customer service and technical support. You’ll never have an issue reaching a member of our team. 

Need Help? Contact Our Abrasive Technicians

Our abrasive technicians are here to serve you. We can answer any questions you may have about our replacement conveyor feed belts or your application needs. You can speak with a technician by submitting a contact form or calling (844) 824-1956.

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