Custom 2 X 72 Sanding Belt Grit Pack Assortment

Finally, you can now create your own 2 x 72 sanding belt bundle! Just add the belts you want into your cart and we will do the rest.

NOTE: 6 total belt minimum required on bundle orders - You can mix-and-match materials & grits!

How To Select Grits

Red Label Abrasives offers grits ranging from 24 grit all the way up to 800 grit. Choosing the right grit sequence for your project is critical to the outcome of your finished piece. Using the wrong grit or skipping grits in a sequence can result in an uneven finish, visible scratch patterns, or too much stock removal. Sometimes you can still achieve a great finish skipping grits, but it takes more time and energy to do so (and we know that time is money). 

Every maker has their own preferred grit progression. We’ve outlined the different grit ranges and their uses below, so that you can determine which grits you may want to add to your bundle. 

  • Coarse (P8-P80): Coarse grits are commonly used for initial stock removal and the stripping of paints and varnishes. 
  • Medium (P100-P220): Medium grits are used for final shaping, prepping materials for paints and stains, honing, and sharpening. 
  • Fine (P240+): Fine grits are used for both sharpening and polishing. 

Types Of Belts Available To Bundle

In addition to our popular standard EdgeCore ceramic belts, you can also add specialty belts to your bundle. Below is an overview of the specialty belts you can add to your bundle along with their uses. 

  • EdgeCore Ceramic Belts: Thanks to advanced abrasive technology, our newest ceramic material delivers maximum cut rate, longevity, and cooler grinding temps. Ideal for high pressure grinding, EdgeCore ceramic micro-fractures during use, continuously revealing fresh abrasive grain. The versatility of our EdgeCore belts make them a great choice for knife makers, blacksmiths, welders, or anyone working with metals.
  • EdgeCore Flex Ceramic Belts: Our EdgeCore Flex Ceramic Belts contain the same great cut rate and longevity you’ve come to expect from our standard EdgeCore belts. However, they also have a flexible backing. The flexible backing allows the belt to conform to the surface of the workpiece. This makes flex belts ideal for sanding curved surfaces. These belts can easily create a smooth, uniformed finish on a curved surface.
  • Aluminum Oxide J Flex Cotton Belts: Our aluminum oxide J flex belts are produced with a  durable and lightweight J-weight cloth backing. These belts are designed specifically for metal sanding, but they can also be used for edge work on profiling handles. 
  • Scalloped Aluminum Oxide J Flex Cotton Belts: Scalloped belts possess the distinguished feature of having wavy edges as opposed to straight edges. The curved edges of the belt allow you to more easily sand curved edges without accidentally digging into the workpiece. Scalloped belts are often used to remove burrs from knife edges and sand the curves of knife handles. 
  • Surface Conditioning Belts: Surface conditioning belts are non-woven belts that are commonly used for deburring, cleaning, blending, and contouring on irregular aluminum, stainless steel or steel surfaces. There technically isn’t grit on the belt, so belts aren’t categorized by grit. Coarse is equivalent to P120-P150. Medium is equivalent to P150-P180. Fine is equivalent to P240-P280 and super fine is equivalent to P1000-P2000. 

Why Choose Red Label’s Custom 2 x 72 Inch Sanding Belt  Assortment Bundle Pack?

Red Label Abrasives is a company built by makers for makers. No other abrasive manufacturer offers a custom 2 x 72 inch sanding belt grit assortment pack like we do. Our custom bundle pack gives you the power and freedom to order all of the belts you need without having to bundle in any of the belts you don’t. 

All of our belts are manufactured in the US in our Michigan factory. Red Label has also been producing sanding belts for over 35 years and has earned a reputation for being a leader in the industry. The belts you’ll be receiving in your bundle are some of the most effective and long-lasting belts on the market. 

Questions? Contact Our Abrasive Specialists

Our abrasive technicians are here to assist you. Do not hesitate to reach out if you’re not sure which grits would be best for your application or you have questions about the different types of belts you can bundle. Our abrasive technicians can answer any questions you may have and help you build the best possible bundle for your project. You can speak with an abrasive technician by calling 844-824-1956 or filling out a contact form.

NOTE: 6 piece minimum required on bundle orders

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