EdgeCore Ceramic High Density 4 1/2 x 5/8-11 T29 Flap Discs

Finally! Red Label Abrasives now offers high density flap discs featuring our Edgecore Ceramic! You can use these discs to grind away forge scales, clean up welds, shape, cut, sharpen, hone and blend metals. The flap discs are available in P40, P60 & P80 grits. Our industrial quality flap discs are perfect for non ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) and ferrous metals (steel, stainless steel, pig iron, alloys, hardened steel, etc.). The recommended max speed for use is 12,000 RPM.

Our Edgecore Ceramic features resin over resin bonding with an anti-clogging stearate that delivers an even finish and cooler grinding temperatures. Our flap discs are manufactured in the USA and we offer a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase (we have a feeling you will be though).

Why Choose Red Label’s Edgecore Ceramic High Density T29 Flap Discs?

Red Label’s Edgecore Ceramic High Density T29 Flap Discs are designed from the ground up to be long-lasting and high performing premium-quality flap discs that won’t break the bank. Our discs are effective, efficient, and affordable. The benefits Red Label Edgecore Flap Discs provide include:

  • A slightly angled T-29 conical design for the best all-purpose use.
  • An integrated hub design that allows for tool-less installation and removal.
  • A ballistic grade nylon backing that is trimmable, significantly increasing the working life of the disc.
  • Anti-clogging stearate that delivers an even finish and cooler grinding temperatures

Pack Assortment Options

If you’d like to purchase flap discs in several different grits, our assortment packs are an affordable option. Red Label offers three different assortment packs for our Edgecore Ceramic T29 Flap Discs. The packs contain the following grits and quantities:

  • 3-Pack Assortment: (1) 40 grit, (1) 60 grit, and (1) 80 grit 
  • 5-Pack Assortment: (2) 40 grit, (2) 60 grit, and (1) 80 grit
  • 10-Pack Assortment: (4) 40 grit, (3) 60 grit, and (3) 80 grit

Flap Disc Uses

Flap discs are versatile abrasive products that can be used to grind, blend, and finish workpieces. They are often used in processes that involve industrial maintenance, welding, machining, and heavy-duty equipment work.

Flap discs are popular amongst knifemakers and bladesmiths, because using a flap disc is one of the easiest ways to remove forge scale from blades. Other general uses include removing rust from metal, blending weld seams, cleaning flash from molds and castings, grinding edges, and deburring.

Type 29 Vs Type 27 Flap Discs

Flap discs may be labeled one of two different types: type 27 (may also be referred to as t27) and type 29 (may also be referred to as t29). The type refers to the angle of the disc surface. T27 flap discs feature a flat surface where t29 flap discs feature a surface that is slightly angled or pitched. Type 29 flap discs are typically preferred by makers, because the angle of the disc makes shaping and contouring easier. That is precisely why our Edgecore Ceramic Flap Discs are manufactured to be type 29.

What Is A High Density Flap Disc?

There are flap discs and then there are high density flap discs. High density flap discs take abrasive discs to the next level. High density discs are double the size of a normal disc. The extra material packed into a high density disc allows them to last two to three times longer than a normal flap disc.

Red Label’s High Density Edgecore Ceramic Flap Discs are some of the longest lasting discs on the market. The additional density provides longevity, but the ceramic grain also increases lifespan. Ceramic discs can last three times longer than zirconia discs and five times longer than aluminum oxide discs. Our high density ceramic discs can also last up to two times longer than a standard ceramic abrasive flap disc.

Questions? Our Abrasive Technicians Are Here To Help

As a family-owned manufacturer, we take great pride in offering unrivaled customer service. Our abrasive technicians can answer any questions you may have about our abrasive products or your application. You can speak with a technician by filling out a contact form or calling (844) 824-1956.

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