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  • by David Kranker 2 min read


    As abrasive manufacturers for some of the largest industrial manufacturers in the US, we know just how important manufacturing is. A vibrant manufacturing sector leads to more research and development, middle-class jobs, innovation, and exports. We've taken the time to compile the latest statistics from one of the country's most important industries below. 



    of the country’s economic output comes from US manufacturers.





    is added to the economy for every dollar spent in manufacturing. That equates to over $2,334 billion each year.



    The majority of manufacturing businesses are small businesses.


    of manufacturers have less than 500 employees.


    of manufacturers have less than 20 employees.




    2.9 Million

    baby boomers working in manufacturing will reach retirement age over the next decade and need to be replaced.


    4.6 Million

    manufacturing jobs are likely to be available in the next decade with 2.4 million going unfilled due to skills gaps.




    of the US workforce is employed by the manufacturing sector. That equates to 12.8 million employees.




    The number of manufacturing firms in the United States.




    The average salary in manufacturing.



     The Top 10 Manufacturing Sectors By Revenue





    Of all goods exported by the United States are manufactured goods. US manufactured goods exports have quadrupled over the past 28 years and 96% of all manufactured exports are from small businesses.






    8th Largest

    Manufacturing in the US is the 8th largest economy in the world.




    of all private sector research and development is performed by manufacturers.

    Statistics Compiled By Red Label Abrasives