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    Best Black Friday Tool Deals 2023 - Red Label Abrasives

    Black Friday is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to score incredible deals on power tools designed for grinding and sanding. Whether you're a seasoned craftsman looking to upgrade your equipment or a budding DIY enthusiast eager to expand your toolkit, this year's Black Friday promises an array of irresistible offers that will have you revving up your engines (or should we say your sanders and grinders)!

    In this blog, we'll show off some of the best Black Friday tool deals, with a specific focus on power tools designed to make your grinding and sanding tasks a breeze. From angle grinders that tackle metal and concrete with finesse to belt sanders that leave your wood surfaces silky smooth, we've got you covered. 

    But that's not all; Red Label Abrasiveswill be joining the Black Friday frenzy with a site-wide sale. So, not only will you find the best deals on power tools, but you'll also have access to top-notch sanding belts, sanding discs, and other supplies to complement your new acquisitions. It's a winning combination for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike!

    Why Black Friday is the Best Time to Buy Tools

    In the early 20th century, the term "Black Friday" was first used to describe the chaotic and congested post-Thanksgiving shopping day. It was a day when retailers experienced a surge in sales, often moving from operating at a loss (in the red) to turning a profit (in the black). Over the decades, Black Friday evolved into a consumer-driven phenomenon, marked by early-morning store openings, doorbuster deals, and a surge of shoppers eager to snag discounted products.

    Historically, Black Friday has been regarded as the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Retailers offer substantial discounts on a wide range of products, including tools, to kickstart the festive spending frenzy. This tradition has now spread to various parts of the world, making it a global shopping phenomenon.

    If you work with power tools or manage a business that does, Black Friday deals on tools offer a multitude of benefits:

    • Significant Savings: Black Friday typically brings some of the steepest discounts of the year. You can often find tools at prices well below their usual retail cost, allowing you to stretch your budget and acquire more tools or invest in higher-quality options.
    • Access to Premium Brands: Black Friday sales often include premium tool brands that might otherwise be considered too expensive. This means you can get your hands on top-notch, reliable tools that will last longer and perform better.
    • Expanding Your Toolkit:For DIYers, Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to expand your toolkit. You can acquire tools you've been eyeing for a while or experiment with new tools that can take your projects to the next level.

    Tools to Shop for on Black Friday

    Black Friday typically offers a wide range of sanders and grinders at discounted prices. Shoppers can expect to find various types and models of these power tools, catering to different tasks and preferences. 

    • Belt Sanders: Belt sanders are powerful tools designed for rapid material removal and smoothing of large, flat surfaces. They are commonly used for sanding wood and metal. On Black Friday, you may find deals on both handheld and stationary belt sanders.
    • Orbital Sanders:Orbital sanders, including random orbit sanders and finishing sanders, are ideal for fine sanding and finishing work. They are known for producing a smooth, swirl-free finish on surfaces. Look out for discounts on corded and cordless orbital sanders.
    • Angle Grinders:Angle grinders are versatile tools used for cutting, grinding, and polishing various materials such as metal, stone, and concrete. Black Friday often brings deals on angle grinders in different sizes and power ratings.
    • Bench Grinders: Bench grinders are stationary tools mounted on a workbench, primarily used for sharpening blades, shaping metal, and other precision tasks. Shoppers might find discounts on bench grinders of various wheel sizes and motor powers.
    • Disc Sanders: Disc sanders come in both handheld and stationary versions. They are used for smoothing and shaping wood, as well as for fine finishing work. You might come across Black Friday deals on disc sanders and their replacement sanding discs.
    • Die Grinders: Die grinders are compact, high-speed rotary tools that are excellent for precision grinding, polishing, and detailing work. Look for promotions on both electric and pneumatic die grinders.
    • Specialty Sanders:  Depending on your specific needs, you might also find specialty sanders like drum sanders, detail sanders, and profile sanders on sale during Black Friday.

    It's important to do some research and plan ahead before Black Friday to determine the specific type of sander or grinder that best suits your needs. Consider factors like power, size, and any additional features that are important for your projects. With careful planning, you can take advantage of Black Friday deals to acquire the right sanders and grinders at a discounted price, helping you tackle your DIY or professional tasks more efficiently.

    What Black Friday Deals Are Available on Tools?

    Finding the best Black Friday tool deals can be like hunting a needle in a haystack. Which retailers are offering the best prices and incentives? This section takes a closer look at top retailers known for their spectacular discounts on power tools, sanders, grinders, and more. 

    Red Label Abrasives

    Red Label Abrasives is gearing up for an exciting Black Friday event. From November 23rd to November 27th, we're offering an enticing discount of 25% off on a wide range of in-stock products, including sanding belts, sanding discs, and sanding rolls. This Black Friday deal is a golden opportunity to stock up on essential supplies or invest in top-notch products for sanding and grinding projects.

    Here's a breakdown of what you can expect to find at Red Label Abrasives during this Black Friday sale:

    • Sanding Belts:We offer a variety of sanding belts in different sizes, grits, and materials, catering to various sanding and grinding needs. Whether you're working on woodworking projects, metal fabrication, or other applications, you'll find the right sanding belts to achieve the desired finish.
    • Sanding Discs:Sanding discs are indispensable for precision sanding tasks. With the Black Friday discount, you can explore a selection of sanding discs designed for different surfaces and applications, ensuring smoother results with every pass.
    • Sanding Rolls:Sanding rolls provide the flexibility needed for customizing your abrasive solutions. Whether you require continuous sandpaper for long projects or want to cut sheets to your preferred length, these rolls offer versatility and cost-effective solutions.

    Red Label Abrasives is known for its commitment to providing high-quality abrasive products that deliver superior performance and longevity. With a 25% discount during the Black Friday period, customers have the chance to not only restock their supplies but also to invest in premium abrasives at a more affordable price point.

    Ace Hardware

    Ace Hardware stores offer a wide range of hardware and home improvement products, including tools, paint, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, lawn and garden equipment, and more. They cater to both homeowners and professional contractors, providing a diverse selection of products and services.

    Although we’re still a month away from Thanksgiving and the official kickoff to the holiday season, Ace Hardware is already offering Black Friday 2023 prices on its popular tools for Ace Rewards members. Angle grinders, orbital sanders, bench grinders, and belt sanders are all included in the deals: for example, you can treat yourself to a Milwaukee M18 cordless orbital sander for $99! 

    Last year, Ace Hardware offered discounts of over 40% on select Milwaukee and DeWalt power tools, and we expect the deals to be just as spectacular this year, if not more!

    Home Depot

    The Home Depot is a one-stop shop for a wide range of home improvement and construction products. It offers a vast inventory of items, including building materials, tools, hardware, appliances, kitchen and bath fixtures, outdoor and garden supplies, paint, plumbing, electrical supplies, and much more. The Home Depot caters to both hobbyists and professional contractors, making it a popular destination for anyone undertaking home improvement or construction projects.

    Although Home Depot is currently advertising up to 50% off on tools, building materials, and more, don’t be surprised if you snag something for 60% to 70% off, which was the case for Black Friday 2022.


    Menards operates a chain of home improvement stores that offer a comprehensive selection of products for home improvement, construction, and renovation projects. Their stores are typically quite large and feature a wide variety of departments, including hardware, lumber, appliances, tools, plumbing, electrical, flooring, lighting, and more.

    Although Menards has yet to confirm its Black Friday deals, last year’s offerings included detail sanders at only $9.99 and a 3” bench grinder with flex shaft for $29.99. You can expect to save anywhere between 50% and 70% off select items.


    Lowe's caters to both homeowners and professional contractors, with a dedicated focus on serving the needs of professionals. It also offers specialized services and discounts for contractors and tradespeople, and Black Friday sales make already-excellent prices even more irresistible. According to the company website, shoppers can save up to 40% on select power tools, which include DeWalt angle grinders. 


    Zoro offers a wide and diverse range of products, including hand tools, power tools, safety equipment, janitorial and cleaning supplies, office supplies, electrical and plumbing components, maintenance and repair items, and more. It caters to businesses, professionals, and individuals in need of industrial and maintenance products.

    Those shopping for grinding and sanding tools can expect to save up to 63% off certain tools and business supplies. Zoro currently offers a wide range of air-powered disc sanders, belt sanders, and orbital sanders.


    Many consumers shop for grinding and sanding tools (as well as everything else!) on Amazon, which offers a wide selection of products. Its extensive selection, competitive pricing, and convenient online shopping experience have made it a popular choice for customers seeking tools and equipment for various applications.

    Although Amazon has yet to confirm its Black Friday specials, last year consumers could save up to 70% on various types of power tools and electronics, so it’s safe to say that equally stellar deals will be available in 2023.

    Stock Up Your Shop on Black Friday This Year

    Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a dedicated DIYer, these Black Friday deals are a fantastic opportunity to stock your sanding and grinding toolkit with top-tier products while saving significantly on your purchases. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to elevate your sanding and grinding projects to the next level!

    This Black Friday season, you can get the premium-quality industrial-grade abrasives you need at a 25% discount. Whether you're in the market for sanding belts, sanding discs, or sanding rolls, you’ll find products that make your work more efficient and cost-effective. If you have questions or would like to place an order, call 844-824-1956 or fill out our contact form today!