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  • by David Kranker 2 min read

    What Sanding Belts Does Jason Knight Use? Red Label’s EdgeCore Ceramic Belts! - Red Label Abrasives

    If a list of the most influential bladesmiths of all time were to be compiled, Jason Knight would certainly be on it. Jason has been crafting knives for decades and in that time, he has amassed more awards than can be counted on both hands. In addition to achieving his ABS Mastersmith rating in 2007, Jason’s accolades include the ABS Bill Moran Award in 2008, Best Bowie at the Blade Show in 2012, and numerous others. On top of all the industry recognition, Jason was formerly a judge on the popular History Channel show,Forged In Fire. Jason’s expertise in metallurgy and blade geometry make him one of the best bladesmiths in the business. You can see samples of his incredible work from his Instagram account (@jasonknightknives) below.

    Jason Knight Custom Knives

    How does Jason craft these incredible blade creations? He currently has a three part online course that divulges all of his production secrets, but Jason also recently spoke with the team at Red Label to let us know that an important of his process includes Red Label’s EdgeCore Ceramic belts

    Jason Knight Knife Grinding

    Why Does Jason Knight Use Red Label EdgeCore Ceramic Belts?

    Jason has been using Red Label’s EdgeCore Ceramic belts for some time now. He grinds with the 2 x 72 belts, alternating between 36 and 60 grit to shape his blades. When asked why he prefers the EdgeCore Ceramic belts to other alternatives, he had a few things to say. 

    Jason has found that the EdgeCore belts have an impressive lifespan when compared to more expensive brands he has used in the past. Abrasives need to be replenished, so finding belts that strike a good balance between quality and cost is important. Red Label gives the public access to industrial level abrasive technology. EdgeCore’s ceramic grains microfracture during use, ensuring a fast cut rate throughout the entire life of the belt. Jason also appreciates the heat mitigating properties of these belts, which use a stearate layer to help maintain cooler grind temps and protect a blade’s temper. 

    Red Label’s EdgeCore Ceramic belts were specifically designed for aggressive, high pressure grinding on steels, hardwoods, and many other materials. Knowing they help makers like Jason fully realize their design concepts is an honor. We’re glad to be producing belts our maker community enjoys and intend to continue pushing the boundaries of finishing technology to provide the highest quality abrasives on the market. 

    Shop Red Label’s EdgeCore Belt Selection

    You can browse Red Label’s full collection of EdgeCore ceramic belts in our shop. Our EdgeCore belts come in a wide range of sizes from 1 x 30 to 6 x 90. These belts are industrial quality, hand built in the US, and shipped factory direct. We’d love to help you take your bladesmithing game to the next level. 

    Questions? Talk To An Abrasive Specialist

    Have questions? We probably can’t answer any questions related to Jason Knight (we’d be happy to forward those questions on to him). However, we can answer any questions you may have about abrasives and abrasive uses. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in offering unrivaled customer service and technical support. You can reach our abrasive specialists by calling (844) 824-1956 or by filling out a contact form.