Replacement Drum Sander Conveyor Belts

Red Label Abrasives Premium Quality Drum Sander Conveyor Belts

Red Label Abrasives manufactures premium quality, industrial grade drum sander conveyor belts that provide a great finish and a long lifespan. The belts are built with a premium open coat aluminum oxide grain designed specifically for woodworking. All of our conveyor belts feature a cloth backing with a bi-directional, no bump tape joint.

Drum Sander Conveyor Feed Belt Replacement Guide

Not sure what size conveyor feed belt you need for your drum sander? Our abrasive technicians have put together a size guide for some of the most popular drum sanders available. If your drum sander isn’t on the list below and you have an old belt available, we’ve got an instructional post on how to measure your existing sanding belt to determine the right size for your drum sander. You can also contact our abrasive technicians for help determining the correct size belt for your sander.

WIDTH LENGTH Drum Sander Model
10 1/4 Inch 32 5/8 Inch JET 10-20
18 Inch 44 1/2 Inch Grizzly G0458
18 Inch 47 1/2 Inch Delta 18-36
22 3/8 Inch 47 1/2 Inch JET 22-44 PLUS
16 Inch 43 1/2 Inch JET 16-32 (OLD MODEL)
17 1/4 Inch 38 Inch JET 16-32 (NEW MODEL #JWDS-1632)
23 Inch 62 Inch JET Performax 22-44 PRO, ShopPro 25, Supermax 25
23 Inch 67 1/2 Inch SuperMax 25x2
35 Inch 67 1/2 Inch Supermax 37 & 37x2


Common Applications For Drum Sanders

These conveyor belts and the drum sanders they’re made for are commonly used to sand a flat surface or fine finish a wood workpiece. They’re often used to smoothen out hardwood floor planks or apply a flat surface to furniture pieces like wooden tabletops or cabinets. They’re designed for finishing and don’t work as well for stock removal. 

Why Buy Drum Sander Conveyor Belt Replacements From Red Label Abrasives?

Red Label Abrasives is well-known as a leader in the abrasive industry with over 35 years of history manufacturing abrasives. Our drum sander conveyor belts are built to be industrial grade. They are some of the highest quality and longest lasting belts available on the market. Moreover, we’re able to offer these belts at very affordable prices, because we’re the manufacturer. 

Red Label is a family-owned manufacturer based in Michigan. All of our belts are produced in the US in our Michigan factory. Buying from Red Label supports an American company and American families. We also offer free shipping on all orders and a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our belts. Moreover, we take great pride in offering unrivaled customer service and support. You can contact our abrasive technicians at any time with questions related to our products. We’re always more than happy to help. 

Questions About Our Drum Sander Conveyor Feed Belts? Contact Our Abrasive Technicians

Having trouble figuring out which conveyor belt you need? Have questions about our drum sander conveyor feed belts? Our abrasive technicians are available to assist you! You can speak with a technician by filling out a contact form or calling (844) 824-1956.