2 X 72 Inch Sanding Belts

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Premium Quality 2 x 72 Inch Sanding Belts

2” x 72” is one of the most popular sizes for belt sanders, especially for knife makers. Red Label Abrasives has you covered if you need new sanding belts for your 2 x 72 inch sander. Our premium 2 x 72” sanding belts are industrial grade and shipped straight from our factory in Belding, MI. 

Types Of Belts Available In A 2” x 72” Size

Red Label Abrasives offers a large selection of 2x72” sanding belts designed for a wide array of materials and uses. A description of all of the different types of 2” x 72” belts we sell can be found below.

  • Open coat aluminum oxide: If you’re sanding wood or other soft materials, open coat aluminum oxide will be the best choice for you. The open coating allows for more air flow between grains, allows more sanding residue to fall off the belt and creates more air flow to keep surfaces cool while sanding. 
  • Closed coat aluminum oxide: Closed coat aluminum oxide is designed for harder materials like metal and hardwoods. The closed coating provides more abrasive material on the surface of the belt for a more aggressive cut and a smoother finish. Closed coat aluminum oxide is a popular grain option, because it’s the least expensive. However, it also has the shortest life span and makers can often save money and time in the long run by using a stronger grain type. 
  • Zirconia: Zirconia is designed to sand harder materials such as hardwoods and metals. Zirconia was the strongest grain type money could buy before the introduction of ceramic abrasives. Now, zirconia strikes a nice balance between durability and affordability as a middle ground abrasive.  
  • Silicon carbide: Silicon carbide works well for very specific applications. Silicon carbide is often used to sand glass, marble, and garnet. 
  • Ceramic: Ceramic is one of the hardest and sharpest abrasive grains on the market. It is considered a premium abrasive, but it is well worth the higher price due to the long lifespan and aggressive cut rate of ceramic belts. Ceramic works best on harder materials like metals and hardwoods. 
  • Scalloped: Our scalloped belts are produced with closed coat aluminum oxide. These belts feature a wavy edge instead of a straight edge. The benefit of a scalloped belt is that the curved edge of the belt allows for more natural sanding of workpieces with curved edges. If you need to sand a curved edge, you’ll have an easier time sanding with a scalloped belt and you’ll see better results as well. 
  • Non-woven surface conditioning:Our non-woven surface conditioning belts are made with aluminum oxide grains that are evenly dispersed on open web nylon mesh fibers. The belts are designed to produce a great finish on stainless steel, irregular steel, and aluminum surfaces. 
  • Non-woven polishing / buffing: Our non-woven polishing belts are produced using an open web material with a cloth backing. The belts are a cost-effective alternative to leather strop belts. They work great for polishing, sharpening, honing, and buffing steel and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 

Common 2 x 72 Inch Belt Sanders

Our 2x72 inch sanding belts are compatible with any belt sander that uses 2” x 72” sanding belts. Common belt grinders that use 2 x 72 inch belts include: 

  • Beaumont Metalworks KMG Industrial Belt Grinder
  • AmeriBrade 2x72 Grinder
  • Hardcore Belt Grinder
  • All Brodbeck Ironworks Grinders
  • Wilton Square Wheel Grinder
  • Black Fox One
  • Black Fox Pro
  • Jet Square Wheel Belt Grinder
  • Shop Fox Knife Belt Sander
  • Claryx Metal Works 2x72 Belt Grinder
  • Grizzly G1015 - Knife Grinder
  • Burr King 2x72 Two Wheel Belt Grinder
  • Reeder 2x72 Belt Grinder
  • Travis Wurtz TW 90 Grinder
  • Origin Blade Maker 2x72 Grinder

If you’re not sure what size belt your sander uses, you could measure an old belt if you have one on-hand, or you can wrap a string around your belt track and cut the string to measure the length. We have a blog post that includes more detailed instructions on how to measure a sanding belt. Our abrasive technicians may also be able to help you determine the size of belt your sander uses. 

Why Purchase 2” x 72” Sanding Belts From Red Label Abrasives?

When you buy 2 x 72” sanding belts from Red Label Abrasives, you’re buying belts directly from a family-owned American manufacturer. All of our belts are either made to order or limited stock to ensure you’re getting fresh belts shipped right to your door. We’ve been producing abrasive products for over 35 years and have continued to perfect and refine our processes to deliver the highest quality belts available on the market. 

Red Label Abrasives offers the product quality you’d expect from an industry leading manufacturer combined with the exceptional service you could only receive from a family-owned business. Our abrasive technicians are here to serve you and we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of our products to assure your satisfaction. 

Our Abrasive Technicians Are Here To Assist You

Have questions about our 2” x 72” sanding belts? Not sure which belt would be best for your application? Red Label’s abrasive technicians are always available to assist you. You can speak with an abrasive technician by calling 844-824-1956 or filling out a contact form.