Metalworking Sanding Discs

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Premium-Quality Sanding Discs For Sanding Metal

Sand and finish your metal workpieces with industrial grade metal sanding discs from Red Label Abrasives. Our metal sanding discs are commonly used for auto body and automotive sanding work, but they will work well for sanding and finishing any metal surface. 

Why Closed Coat Aluminum Oxide Is Used For Sanding Metal

Red Label Abrasives has conveniently compiled all of our sanding discs designed for metal onto this page, so you won’t have any trouble finding the right metal sanding disc for your needs. You may notice that all of our metal sanding discs are produced with closed coat aluminum oxide. 

Aluminum oxide is considered the workhorse grain in the abrasive world. It is the most popular abrasive grain, because it works well and is extremely affordable. Aluminum oxide can be adhered to discs with an open or closed coating. 

Open coat aluminum oxide discs have more open space in between the abrasive grains. This open coating is designed for softer materials like soft wood. The space between grains creates more airflow, which keeps surface temperatures cool and helps to prevent debri build up. It would take considerably more time to sand metal with open coat aluminum oxide. 

Closed coat aluminum oxide discs are manufactured with more abrasive grain coverage, which provides a stronger cut. Closed coat aluminum oxide discs are designed for harder materials like metal, because of the more aggressive cut rate. 

Adhesive Vs. Hook & Loop Metal Sanding Discs

Red Label manufactures metal sanding discs with both adhesive and hook and loop backings. Both backings work well and the backing you choose will ultimately depend on the type of backing your sander supports. 

Hook and loop is the generic version of velcro. The pad on your sander will contain loops while the backing on your sanding disc will contain hooks. When the disc is applied to the sander the hooks interlock with the loops to fasten the sanding disc onto the sander. Hook and loop sanding discs are more expensive than adhesive sanding discs, but they can easily be removed and reused. 

Adhesive sanding discs are built with an adhesive backing. The adhesive on the sanding disc will stick to the pad on your sander to secure the disc to the sander. Adhesive discs cost less than hook and loop discs, but they can only be used once. The adhesive will no longer work once the disc is removed from the sander. 

Your disc sander will be built to support either hook and loop or adhesive sanding discs, but it won’t support both out of the box. You can buy a converter pad to use adhesive discs on a hook and loop sander or vice versa.

Why Choose Red Label For Metalworking Sanding Discs?

Red Label Abrasives has been manufacturing sanding discs for metalworkers for over 35 years. In that time we’ve become a leader in sanding disc production with customers across the globe. All of our sanding discs are produced to be industrial-grade and offered at affordable prices with free shipping on all US orders. 

Our sanding discs are produced in the United States in our Belding, MI factory. Your order supports an American business and American families. We’re also so confident you’ll enjoy our sanding discs that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all orders within 90 days. 

High quality products offered at competitive prices aren’t all you get when you work with Red Label Abrasives. You also receive access to our team of knowledgeable abrasive technicians. We take great pride in the level of service and support we’re able to offer our customers as a family-owned business. You’ll never have issues reaching a member of our team during business hours. 

Talk To An Abrasive Technician

Have a question about our metal sanding discs? Not sure which size or which type of sanding disc you need? Our technicians are here to serve you. We’d be happy to answer your questions and point you towards an abrasive product that we believe would be best for your needs. You can speak with an abrasive technician by calling 844-824-1956, or filling out a contact form.