Sanding Belts
  • 2 X 72 Build-A-Kit

  • Sanding Discs
  • Red Label Abra-silk sanding discs

    Abrasilk Foam Sanding Discs

  • GARY H., WA ~

    Received my belts and leather strop as scheduled, belts have worked so well sharpening all my knives (21). I called my friends to bring their knives the same day. All knives sharpened before bedtime. Today I sliced 60 lbs of pork to smoke for a BBQ this weekend--my knives have never been that sharp in such a short time--it was like a hot knife cuttin thru butta. I'll still use my king wetstone 1000 & 6000 whenever I want to "be one with my knife." But if you want sharp knives quick without belt shredding, these are the ones to get. My belts didn't even fray with all the knives I sharpened. Thanks for a great product.

    DAVID K., IA ~

    I put one of the belts on right away since the ones I had been using from another supplier all broke at the seam after running them for less than 5 min. Your belt is working great and I will order more from you when I need them.

    JOHN M. , CA ~

    I used 800, 1200, 1500, 2000 and 400 would have been great. They were totally trashed and really do look good after a final buff and polish. I did my first set of headlights on a similar car by hand and it took hours, but this took probably just 20 min each including removal. Again - awesome quality and you should sell a kit because you see cloudy and oxidized headlights everywhere. I just used a cheap Harbor Freight Tools sander and some compound and polish to finish. Very rewarding and I have neighbors all asking how I did it now.

    DANIEL S., WY ~

    I want to say "Thanks" for the follow-up email, as I'm a "one man" operation (disabled, but try to stay active) I will be using your products as I need to resupply- I live 85 miles from any large town, after examining your product(s) I know quality when I see it- My new belt sander will be delivered next Tuesday, I'm looking forward to the ability to improve my costs by saving time on such items as handles, blades and other pieces that my "Heirloom Quality" Custom Woodwork (custom knives as well)- Thanks again for the "Peace of Mind" that comes w/ a follow up contact