2 X 42 Inch Premium Zirconia Sanding Belts, 6 Pack

Our industrial grade zirconia sanding belts are a great choice for heavy duty grinding applications. Zirconia’s self-sharpening abrasive grains extend belt life up to 2.5 times longer than aluminum oxide. Zirconia fractures during use, continuously revealing sharp abrasive grain. Its durability makes it a great choice for knife makers, blacksmiths, welders, or anyone working with metals. While it will not match the longevity of ceramic abrasives, zirconia is a cost-effective alternative. The belts can be used for wet or dry applications. All of our sanding belts are hand built in the USA.

2” X 42” Premium Zirconia Sanding Belt Product Details

Available Grits: 24, 36, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120

Single Grit Pack Quantity: 6

Weight: Y-wgt

Backing Material: Polyester 

Waterproof: Yes

Applications: Stock removal, profiling, bevel work, sharpening, grinding welds, shaping, cutting, and blending ferrous / non-ferrous metals (steel, stainless steel, alloys, hardened steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel, etc.). Also appropriate for very dense and hard woods.

Closed Coat: 100% abrasive grain coverage

Joint: Bi-directional tape joint allows belt to run in EITHER direction (disregard arrows) 

Grinding Aid: Anti-loading and heat reducing stearate coating for cooler grinding 

Bonding: Resin over resin

Why Use A Zirconia Sanding Belt? 

Zirconia is a well-balanced abrasive grain. It strikes the perfect balance between longevity and affordability. Zirconia can last 2-3 times longer than aluminum oxide belts. It also costs less than ceramic belts. 

Zirconia sanding belts work well for grinding, sharpening, profiling, beveling, shaping, cutting, and blending of hard materials. Zirconia is often used on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as hard woods (oak, hickory, etc.). If you’re exclusively working with soft wood materials, you may want to use a 2” x 42” open coat aluminum oxide sanding belt. Otherwise, zirconia is going to deliver excellent results. 

What Belt Sanders Do These 2 X 42 Inch Zirconia Sanding Belts Work With?

Our 2 x 42” zirconia sanding belts work on a variety of different benchstand grinders, portable belt sanders, backstand grinders, and knife belt sanders. Some of the most common belt sanders our 2 x 42 inch zirconia belts are used on include: 

  • JET J-41002 Bench Belt Grinder
  • Bucktool BG2600  Bench Grinder
  • Palmgren 9681061 Bench Finishing Machine

Nevertheless, these belts will work with any belt sander that’s designed to use 2 x 42” belts. Unsure what size belts your grinder takes? You can use our sanding belt measurement guide to figure out if your grinder is a 2 x 42” grinder. The string method works well when you don’t have an old belt on-hand. 

The Red Label Abrasives Advantage

Ordering factory-direct from Red Label Abrasives gives you many different advantages. We’ve been manufacturing sanding belts for over 35 years. Our knowledge, resources, and extensive manufacturing experience has allowed us to produce some of the highest quality sanding belts at some of the most affordable prices online. You’ll have a hard time finding industrial grade belts like our 2 x 42” zirconia sanding belts for a comparable price. 

Red Label’s belts are also made to order or limited stock, so the belts you receive will be fresh belts. Moreover, we confidently stand behind our products and offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all orders. If you’re not satisfied with our belts, you can return them for a full refund within 90 days of your purchase. 

Unrivaled product quality and affordable prices aren’t the only advantages you get with Red Label Abrasives. You also get the exceptional customer support we’re able to offer as a family-owned business. Red Label’s abrasive technicians are always available during office hours to help you find the right product, place an order, or troubleshoot a technical issue.

Speak With An Abrasive Technician

Have questions about our 2 x 42” zirconia sanding belts? Our abrasive technicians can answer them for you. You can speak with a technician by submitting a contact form or calling (844) 824-1956.


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