6 X 48 Inch EdgeCore Ceramic Sanding Belts, 2 Pack

Thanks to advanced abrasive technology, our newest ceramic material delivers maximum cut rate, longevity, and cooler grinding temps. Ideal for high pressure grinding, EdgeCore ceramic micro-fractures during use, continuously revealing fresh abrasive grain. The versatility of our EdgeCore belts make them a great choice for knife makers, blacksmiths, welders, or anyone working with metals.

6” X 48” Edgecore Ceramic Sanding Belt Product Details

Available Grits: 36, 40, 60, 80, 120

Standard Kits contain 2 belts

Weight: 36 and 40 grit: X-wgt, 60, 80 & 120 grit: Y-wgt

Backing Material: Polyester

Waterproof: Yes

Applications: Stock removal, sharpening, grinding welds, shaping, cutting, and blending ferrous / non-ferrous metals (steel, stainless steel, alloys, hardened steel, cobalt, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel, etc.). Also appropriate for dense hard woods.

Closed Coat: 100% abrasive grain coverage

Joint: Precision engineered bi-directional tape joint allows belt to run in BOTH directions (disregard arrows)

Grinding Aid: Load and heat reducing stearate for cooler grinding

Bonding: Resin over resin

Why EdgeCore Ceramic Sanding Belts Are The Best Belts For Knife Making

Knife making entails working with a variety of different metals and woods that vary in density. As one of the toughest abrasive grains available on the market, ceramic abrasives can grind some of the hardest knife making materials known to man with relative ease. Ceramic belts last longer than any other belt type. The grains constantly fracture to reveal fresh cutting surfaces that provide a consistent finish. 

Red Label Abrasives has further enhanced the performance of ceramic belts with our EdgeCore ceramic belts. Our EdgeCore belts are designed to evenly microfracture - further expanding the lifespan of the belt. Our EdgeCore belts also have heat mitigating properties and can maintain cool grinding temperatures during high-speed grinding. There is simply no other belt out there that can rival EdgeCore ceramic belts for knife making in terms of performance and value.

Why Choose Red Label Abrasives For Your 6X48 Ceramic Sanding Belts?

Red Label Abrasives has earned a reputation as one of the best abrasive manufacturers in the world for a reason. We’re constantly refining our processes and our products to produce premium industrial grade abrasives at an affordable price. When you order 6X48 ceramic sanding belts from Red Label, you’re getting some of the best sanding belts money can buy at some of the most competitive prices available online. Additionally, all of our sanding belts are manufactured in our factory in Michigan. You’ll be buying an American product and supporting American families.

What Belt Grinders Will These Belts Fit?

Our 6” X 48” EdgeCore ceramic belts are designed to work with any 6” X 48” belt grinder. Popular brands include Jet, Grainger, Harbor Freight, Grizzly, and Kalamazoo. You can usually find size requirements labeled on the grinder if you’re not sure what size belts your grinder takes. If you have an old belt laying around, you can also cut the belt and measure it flat to determine the dimensions you need.

Have Questions? Our Support Team Is Here To Help

Have questions about our 6X48 EdgeCore ceramic belts? Not sure if these are the right belts for your specific application? As a family-owned company, we take great pride in the unrivaled level of customer service and support that we offer. Our team of abrasive technicians is here to serve you. You can speak with a member of our team by calling (844) 824-1956 or filling out an online contact form.

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